Oh’s Tae Kwon Do Center is offering professional Tae Kwon Do after school program for your children. At our After-School Program your child will learn how to build strong minds, strong bodies and strong characters . But that is not all.

Our child will also develop:

   ● Manners

   ● Better Discipline

   ● Leadership Skills

   ● Positive Study Habits   


   ● Productive Social Interaction      

   ● Respect for Authority

   ● Positive Attitude

   ● Increased Imagination

Our after school program provides a safe and enjoyable environment for your children. Your child will receive:

▶ Free Transportation from school

▶ Tae Kwon Do Classes

▶ New belts through testing 

▶ Opportunities to participate in local tournaments

Make sure your child is a part of this great opportunity

Our Academic Goals

▶ Assume responsibility for own learning

▶ Establish positive study habits

▶ Understand the importance of rules

▶ Concentration skills

Our Social Goals

▶ Attain Leadership qualities

▶ Participate in household decisions/chores

▶ Recognize positive efforts

We Pick Up From :    


Embassy Creek

Franklin Academy Charter


Pasadena Lakes

Palm Cove

Pembroke Lakes

Pines Lakes

Renaissance Charter

Pembroke Pines Charter East

Middle School

Walter C. Young



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Grand Master Joo-Yul Oh
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